Lose Up To 5kilos in 2weeks With These 2 Magic-Steps

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Losing weight is an ever raging battle for the average modern person. At some point in our lives, we all try to lose weight, keep in shape and stay healthy, but many of us are struggling to achieve this result. The battle is getting harder and harder to win, thanks to our overly convenient lifestyle of quick takeaway meals delivery options, which increases sedentary lifestyle. For these and many other reasons, the battle of losing weight is not anywhere near OVER.  While many people swear by one option or the other, as their go-to for losing weight, I myself have tried...

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Start Now. Your Journey to a Well-being

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The best time to start anything really is NOW. We all come to a point in our lives when we realised me must make changes to certain things. It could be how we live, work, relate with others, our engage with ourselves. Changes that will be crucial to our personal development and self-esteem, such change is the idea of Better Health. This short blog is not about judging how you lived your life up until this point, rather its about encouraging you to give yourself a chance, stop critiquing your health goals or your timeline. It's always better late than...

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