Lose Up To 5kilos in 2weeks With These 2 Magic-Steps

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Losing weight is an ever raging battle for the average modern person. At some point in our lives, we all try to lose weight, keep in shape and stay healthy, but many of us are struggling to achieve this result. The battle is getting harder and harder to win, thanks to our overly convenient lifestyle of quick takeaway meals delivery options, which increases sedentary lifestyle. For these and many other reasons, the battle of losing weight is not anywhere near OVER

While many people swear by one option or the other, as their go-to for losing weight, I myself have tried a few. E.g. Going to the gym, which I did for three months. But unlike some people I see at the gym, I ended packing a few more kilos, due to the fact that when I go to the gym, I end up working myself to death. I use as many fitness equipment and spend as much time as I can, which I thought was good. But the problem with my loose-weight-fast theory is that, when I get home, I end up finishing all the food I have at home, cause for some reason, my appetite became bigger and bigger the more I trained, so after three months of trying without much luck, I gave up. But that was not the end of my quest to win this battle of the burg. I also dabbled with a few "diet ideas", but again I had problem sticking with the plan for a long term, because it just wasn't practical to eat that way for the rest of my life, if am to expect result and keep the weight off. So I mocked up with my own plan and strategy, and boy did it work.

 I came up with the idea to make changes to two aspect of my daily life, the most important being my diet, I also added exercise to the schedule, and here is what I did, that has worked magic for me, a plan so simple and relate-able anyone can adopt it and stick with it, cause not only does it guarantee results, but it's sustainable as a long term plan. 

Number One thing I did - I changed my daily diet from, eating three big meals a day, to eating four small meals per day. Which leaves me no room for unnecessary munching.  Which is usually where most of us end up packing more calories, than our daily requirements. Those seemingly unharmful snacking comes with hidden calories that we normally don't take into account, when we're trying to lose weight or stay in shape. So for my plan, I started eating every 3 hours, instead of my usual 5-6 hours. The shorter interval helped keep my mouth busy enough to stop craving for more, until it's next threat, and here's how I did it. I eat some cereal for breakfast at 7am. Then around 11am, I usually have some salads

(I make sure I have salads, to ensure I eat some vegetables daily)  they're are easy to get or make these days with pre-packed options at your local groceries. You can also buy some vegetables and make then yourself, either way just try to keep the brunch/meal under 250 calories. You can add a small piece of chicken ( for some protein) or some cheese( for calcium ) but be careful with your add-ons, so you don't over stuff your salad.  Then at 2pm, I usually have some tea with two small cookies/biscuits or a nut-bar.

Nut bars are usually between 160-200 calories, and small cookies or biscuits, are often 89-119 calories ( you can check the food label to get the nutrition info) and finally at 5.00pm, I eat my dinner

which can be anything really, the key thing is to keep the portion size small, so by the end of the day, I've eaten reasonably healthy, whilst keeping in shaped, cause all the food I ate during the day, has some nutritional value for my health.

The Verdict -I enjoy my food without making radical changes to my meal plan, that's what makes it so easy and practical for me to stick with, because it doesn't feel like dieting at all. 

Number TwoI started using my elliptical trainer

(which I have since abandoned for many months) I use it to  train only 15 mins daily, five nights a week, because it is an intense cardio workout machine, so 10mins works for me.  I also added a few exercise to the routine, simple things like, 30 bicycle exercise for my tummy, 2-4mins plank  

and 100 jumping jacks for my whole body. I have managed to incorporate this very simple workout to my evening routine. Something I conveniently do whilst  watching TV. They are so easy to adopt, bedsides the elliptical trainer, you don't even need any special equipment to do the rest. You only need a little space anywhere in your house, and you're good to go. 

The Verdict - These little workouts helps the body keep in shape and stay healthy. 

So here is it.  The strategy that  has helped me shave 5 kilos of my weight in just 2 weeks. It does not altered my lifestyle in any way, but one that has tremendous result, that i see myself sticking to in the long run. Because it's simple, relatable and also very practical for anyone to adopt. 

I hope you enjoy today's article, join me next week for more inspiration on positive living, please leave a comment and share. Thanks

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